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    Flexbuilder wishlist

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      After 4 or 5 months using Flexbuilder 2 here is my Christmas list for things that I'd like Adobe to take a look at. Maybe someone would like to comment as my major issues relate to the RADness of this as a programming environment and it's failure to achieve this in a number of areas.

      Flexbuilder is somewhat great but not that great.

      1. Flexbuilder is horribly slow, not just the compilation stage which I could put up with but the whole IDE. It seems the longer you use it the slower it gets. Even on a top whack machine it eventually slows up after a couple of hours programming . My applications can run to thousands of lines of code, you get the feeling that doing anything beyond looking at the Adobe demos isn't going to work properly.

      How do other people get over the 2000 code line mark in Flex? It seems to be the killer for Flexbuilder at the moment. Every character can take up to 30 seconds to register.

      I've written something like 30,000 lines of code in other IDEs like Delphi 10 years ago on much lower spec machines without these problems.

      2. Eclipse weirdness. I managed to lose a whole days work by copying a backed up version of an mxml file into a project directory, renaming the current mxml as .bak, I opened that file, copied some stuff out of it, then deleted it, then I renamed the bak file back to mxml, at this point FlexBuilder deleted my original file. Nightmare. No way of getting it back either. I also don't like the way it deems necessary to make another copy of everything in the /bin folder as this just slows everything down even more.

      Eclipse also goes into some mad behaviour where it decides to start 'checking it's workspace' on a CTRL-F11. This can take several hours if you have a VPN connection on your PC, even if all the projects are local it still looks at it. The only way out is to stop the VPN connection whilst this is happening. The real problem here is that you CTRL-F11 then you expect it to save your code first but you don't know whether it has or not. Somewhat flaky I think.

      3. Why can't I make a backup folder for my code without Flex Builder copying all the stuff into the \bin folder.

      4. How do I get Flexbuilder to NOT check the code in the mxml files I put in my backup folder inside the project. Using other programming IDEs other code is not compiled unlesss it's included, which is right I think.

      5. You can't compile but *not* run the program. i.e. compile to swf but don't load and show it in a browser, really irritating.

      6. The code formatting is not good, there should be an option to sort the code formatting out. All statements should follow the tab rule. Why are so many spacebar spaces introduced in the code? I didn't put them there. Good code doesn't need random spaces.

      7. This is a sort of Flex *concept* issue, you can't see stuff like embedded fonts & Flash 8 swf files etc.. at design time. Flash 8 does all that at design time but Flex does not. Do you realise how hard it is to sell Flex when you can't do simple things like this? It's really hard to align things if you can't see them or see the fonts etc... defintiely not RAD IMO.

      8. The design time stuff is not very good, despite all the built in effects in Flex/F9 you feel the need to go back to Flash8 or Director 'cos at least you can see everything on the screen.

      (I am not a friend of Flash btw, just used it for a long time, Director was better :-) ).

      So is Blaze going to make all these things moot? If so what's the point of Flex? Just Flash without the timeline?

      Also, it seems like there is no such thing as 'Flex' since there is Flash 9, Flexbuilder and AS3. They are all seperate things.

      Adobe, please clarify what 'Flex' is.

      God I have a bunch more of stuff to criticise but that's it for now.

      Overall I'm really worried that I have made a mistake with this Flex thing. It is very hard work compared to using something like Director.