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    30 Day Trial to Purchase


      I downloaded Premiere Elements 30 day trial from adobe.com, now am trying to purchase.  The prompt box says continue trial or purchase now.  I selected purchase now.  Next prompt box asks for promotion code, which I do not have. Will not proceed to purchase info without promotion code.  How do I convert the 30 day trial to a regular purchased software? 

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          Please see if Adobe Chat Activation can help you with this matter. According to the Trial FAQ, it should be able to work through this with you.

          Contact Customer Care


          Please let us know the outcome as your schedule permits.





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            lzl8177 Level 1

            One hour later I am still going in circles.  Chat referred me to customer service at 800-833-6687.

            There they said this software can only be purchased on line.  Gave me Adobe.com/get support.

            Then choose product, downloading, serial numbers and redemption codes.  Went to this and received info assuming you had these codes.  No one seems to be able to simply tell me how to go from the trial Premiere Elements to the purchase.  I assume I don't have to re-load it to buy or do I?


            At this point very frustrated.    Any thoughts?




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              Very distressing news.


              The easy way out is to purchase Premiere Elements 13 in boxed packaging from an online vendor. When you do that, you will get the two installation discs, one for Windows and one for Mac. The price is just about the same as purchasing on online download from Adobe which would be specific to either Windows or Mac, but not both. But you would be governed by the return/refund policy of the seller, not Adobe who has the 30 days back return/refund policy.


              I have never purchased an trial version of the product. I found the following online



              How do I convert to a paid, unrestricted version of the product?

              If you already have a trial version of Photoshop Elements 13 or Adobe Premiere Elements 13 installed on your computer, you can continue using the software without interruption by purchasing the product for unrestricted use.

              • Simply select Download from the Delivery Method pull-down menu on the Adobe Store page.
              • When your purchase is complete, you’ll receive a product serial number via email that allows you to easily convert your trial version without reinstalling the software.
              • Enter the serial number in the Software Setup screen within your trial product and follow the prompts to complete the process.


              So it would seem that you need to go to the Premiere Elements Buy page online at Adobe (Adobe store page) and place the order. Once you get the purchased serial number via an email, then you can insert it into your tryout dialog under License this product. There should be a set of download files in your "My Orders", but you should not need them at this time because you can activate the tryout.


              If you decide to go the boxed packaging route from another seller, you can use the purchased serial number from that box to insert into your trial to activate it.


              The above is what I have been able to put together on this matter. Please let us know if any of this works for you.





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                lzl8177 Level 1

                Thank you.  That seems very thorough.  I am surprised that the chat line and customer service did not seem to have this info.


                You have been more than helpful !!!


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                  Thanks for the follow up.


                  All should be OK. Just proceed with caution, and do not agree to anything unless it is clearly presented and confirmed  by the seller whomever it may be.


                  Best wishes.



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                    Sorry for the delay.  I now have purchased and have a serial number.  I am now struggling with how to enter this number into the trial.


                    Can't find the "tryout dialog" under "license this product"?  When I first used the trial software, a box popped up now and then asking " Buy Now or Continue Trial".  It no longer appears to be popping up. 

                    Not sure where to go.


                    In Adobe instruction info they say:


                    Start the trial version of the software.

                    In the Activation Dialogue box, click Enter Serial Number

                    Enter Serial Number

                    Click Activate


                    They don't say how to get to the "Activation Dialog Box"   Unfortunately I don't have any idea how to get there.


                    Can you help?  Sorry to ask again!


                    Thank you.


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                      Thanks for the update.


                      If you have not done this already...


                      After you open the tryout that is on the computer, do you get to the point where you are offered the option of License This Product? If so, then click on that and follow the instructions on screen. It may ask for an Adobe ID and Password before the entry of the serial number. Then do that. If you have done all that, and you are not moving forward to get the program installed and ready to go, then


                      Then download and install installation files from Adobe, and then insert your purchased serial number in them during the installation.

                      Other downloads


                      Beforehand you would

                      a. Uninstall the tryout the usual Control Panel way

                      b. Do a free ccleaner run through (regular and registry cleaner parts)

                      CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

                      c. Install the installation files with the antivirus and firewalls disabled.


                      But let us see if we can go through the tryout to avoid the uninstall and install of the product.


                      Do not give up.





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                        lzl8177 Level 1

                        The first few days I used the trial, I received the pop up box, but it is no longer appearing for me to enter the serial number.  I have no idea why it is no longer showing up or how to get to it.


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                          lzl8177 Level 1

                          Just got the pop up box while working with the trial.  Entered my serial #   Will see if this did it .


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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Sounding good.


                            If you have not updated 13 to 13.1 yet, give 13 a workout to make sure it is OK as 13, then do the update from 13 to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates.


                            Best wishes for good news.