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    Upcoming Graduate-level Captivate Project... need ideas!

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      I am a new Captivate user in the final class of the UMASS Instructional Design Graduate Program... (Advanced Computer-based Learning) and have a Project due this Sunday. This project should be a subset of a larger, complete eLearning project that is due at the end of the course.



      I don't know if it's because it's the summer - or I'm just plain burnt out from 3 years of Grad school - lol - but I can't seem to come up with a good topic to do my module on. I was hoping someone might be able to suggest something good. Time is running out!


      As mentioned, this is a mini project due Sunday, and will ultimately be part of a larger final project due in a few weeks. I figure the final project will train on some concept and have 3 objectives... so I need a topic, and 1 of 3 objectives for this Sunday.


      These are the instructions from our professor: "Using Advanced Actions and Variables complete a short project in Adobe Captivate 8."

      Thanks in advance!