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    Resizing Panel

      Ok i have a tree diagram on the left and a panel on the right. It uses an HTTPService to access an external XML file to display the image names. Once you click on the image it shows up on the panel on the right. Is there a way to have the panel resize automatically to the size of the image it is showing?
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          Well you could pass the width and height of the image along with the image names somehow and then use a resize transition from whatever width and height to the new ones.

          <mx:Transition fromState="*" toState="*">
          <mx:Resize heightFrom="old_height" heightTo="new_height" widthFrom="old_width" widthTo="new_width" />

          It just might work. Play around with it, that's all I can think of. Maybe you can make it change states when the new image is displayed somehow.