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    Bad Script in Web Module of Lightroom CC 2015.1

    AnnShelbourne Level 2

      Faulty Script in Web Module of Lightroom CC 2015.1


      There seems to be an error in one of the Scripts ( jquery.min.js) which is used by Lr 2015.1 to build Web Galleries.


      If a user types the URL of their web site into the “Gallery Author URL” box; and a visitor to their Site then clicks on the Link, a 404 “Not Found” error page is triggered.


      You can see an example of this if you go to this Page:
      and then click on my name:


      Instead of transmitting “http://shelbourne-america.net”
      the script instead triggers this triple-field URL:
      which leads only to a 404 Error page.


      I am rather disappointed by the Lightroom CC 2015 Galleries for both their design and their functionality.


      Adobe needs to provide a far greater range of Customisable Settings:

      for text layout and sizing;
      for spacing between thumbnails;
      for positioning and formatting the text for the Main Title and also for the Caption boxes.


      Most egregious of all?:

      There is no way to insert an eMail Contact Link into a Gallery page?!!

      What were the designers of these Gallery templates thinking?!!