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    Flex RTMP Weirdness

    rica_help Level 1
      I'm probably pretty alone on this one, so I'm not expecting replies; however, if you're experiencing oddities with rtmp and the videoDisplay, we should probably start a club.

      The code below works fine for playing a single RTMP file:

      <mx:VideoDisplay autoBandWidthDetection="false" source="rtmp://.../videos_folder/video1.flv" />

      Playing multiple files with same yields odd results with the playback controls (play, pause, close):

      <mx:VideoDisplay autoBandWidthDetection="false" source="rtmp://.../videos_folder/{selectedItem.data}"/>

      Sometimes two streams will play through the videoDisplay all by themselves. I can see two connections on my FMS monitor, though I've done nothing for two connections to occur. Sometimes streams will not disconnect, even when using close() instead of stop() as per the livedos. Other odd thing happen with rtmp and the component. Might be just me, but I wonder if others are having the same issues with flv and mp3 files. Think I remember reading someone's blog about strange rtmp / mp3 behaviors and flex.

      I have autoBandWidthDetection set to false and have not re-written the main.asc to enable true on the client side, so that might solve it. Don't know. I'm hoping to avoid doing that.