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    How can I make a similar effect? (futuristic video display animation)


      Hello everyone,


         I got very inspired by a template found on videohive.com, but I don't want to purchase it, because even if I love the "atmosphere" of the template, I'd like to make some modifications. Here is the link:

      Modern Photo Gallery - After Effects Project Files | VideoHive


         I love the neon-like border, the movement of the camera, the kind of "glassy" background where the photo is reflected, however, I'd like some effects to change: for example, I would like the flying stuff (where are written the titles) to WIDEN both up and down at the same time, to make the glassy background appear. Do you think it's possible? I mean, how can I create this kind of hexagone in 3 dimensions ? How can I make the glassy background? The neon-like border? Make it rotate as smoothly as possible?


        It seems to be complicated to make, I guess.


      Thank you in advance and sorry for my english