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    Scripts for Show All /Hide All Buttons

    Tim D Morris Level 1

      First, thank you to William Van Weelden and Peter Grainge for existing "Show All / Hide All" scripts.  Peter, I accessed them from your web site (Scripts for Twisties, Show All / Hide All and Print Buttons).  I was able to get William's two-button script to work.  I was not able to get the "Toolbar Single Show / Hide Button" script to work.  Peter, your web site indicates that script works with RH 8 and 9.  I'm hoping to use it with RH 10; I tried it with no success.  Has anyone updated that script for RH 10?  I'd really like to be able to use that one from the toolbar.  I also experimented unsuccessfully with trying to call WIlliam's ShowHide and ShowAll functions from the Action tab of the Custom Toolbar Item window, accessed from the WebHelp Skin Editor.  Open to suggestions.  Thanks!