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    No print profiles in LR6 for my Epson printer

    Micke Dex

      I recently upgraded from LR5 to LR6 at the same time as I upgraded my Epson printer from a R3000 to a SC-P800.

      When I select a picture for printing and press the button for print settings I get the same window as I did with the R3000.

      If I now pick the middle roll-down menu "Media & Quality" and choose "paper handling" there are no profiles for Epsons papers.

      The only suggested paper is something called "custom" and with a very limited amount of paper sizes.

      All the Epson paper profiles I had in LR5 with my R3000 is no where to be seen.

      I´ve checked with Epson that I have the correct software and are now wondering if there is a setting in LR6 that I have missed?