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    How to restore 'filter by colour' flag options?

    jille61456767 Level 1

      I use colour flags a lot in Lightroom, and have been using them in CC quite happily since upgrading. Above the filmstrip at the bottom of the Develop window would usually be little square icons of each colour, to easily filter by colour or multiple colours. This is also where I would usually see the flag/unflag option. I recently purchased a new iMac and signed into Lightroom CC on it, to find that these icons are missing and I don't know how to restore them? I can select by flag status, but if I close/reopen LR then the icons for this disappear and I then have to select the flag status via the drop down menu. But I can't see any way to select e.g. only green photos. Help! Does anyone know how I can permanently restore the little squares? This is a major part of my workflow and it's driving me crazy!