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    Cross-Platform issues in inDesign Document

    Jack Level 1

      When working on a graphic-intensive document on two platforms, I am finding some interesting behavior. Wondering if others have had similar issues and have found work-arounds. Have looked at the Adobe library concept; that does not appear to be helpful here, but I could be wrong on this.


      Recently I needed to move my project from Mac (desktop) to Windows (mobile) in order to continue document development, during extensive travels. It contains a number of graphics. On return, I found broken links, presumably caused by naming issues between the two platforms due to varying OS-related conventions when forming links to the graphics.


      Took me about a half-day to convert the graphic links from reference to a Windows-based external drive to the local hard drive of the Mac machine. Not the end of the world, but any time-saving procedures are always welcome. While re-linking those graphics, the initial behavior was to require manually navigating and re-linking every graphic for the first dozen or so. Thereafter the Mac appeared to "learn" the new location, and automatically updated the rest of the links.


      Questions: (1) Had I simply waited after manually updating just a few graphic links, would the rest have automatically updated? Is that the default behavior when importing a document? (2) Is there a better way to organize my project to avoid these issues? Perhaps a library-based arrangement?