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    Control Panel font menu not working


      InDesign CCScreenSnapz001.jpg

      In the image above, I'm trying to change the font of the highlighted text from Frutiger Light to Frutiger Black. As you can see, I have selected Black in the drop down but the font doesn't change in the document. This was a problem a while back but it seemed to get fixed in a past update. But with the recent ID update, it appears the problem is back. If I click on the small triangle to the left of the F in Frutiger and select black from the drop down the highlighted text changes to black. But selecting black in the variation (or whatever the box below the font name box is called) results in no change in the highlighted text even though the control panel says it should be Frutiger Black. This happens with any font, not just Frutiger.


      Anyone else experiencing this behavior or am I alone? Is there a cure?