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    Stop with the _notes folders!

    Rb Level 1

      Since updating to DW CC 2015.0 release 7714 build. Whenever I put a file a file (SFTP) a _notes folder is created and a dwsync.xml file created.

      I the Site Setup > Advanced Settings > Design Notes "Maintain Design Notes" is *unchecked*.

      Using Clean up Design Notes will remove the _notes folders. But uploading a file (put) will create them again.

      Is there some other way to turn this off ? Please !



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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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            Rb Level 1

            Thank you Ben you are correct.


            I had no idea that the "Maintain synchronization information" located under Site > Servers >Edit > Advanced Tab also created the _notes folder.


            My question to Adobe is why this option is *checked* after I updated to DW CC 2015 ?  I have not had this _notes  problem with any of the other DW CC updates - Win8.1 64bit.


            FYI: It appears that the "Maintain synchronization information" is checked by default when you setup a new server.


            Thanks again,



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              Rb Level 1

              DW Support


              Something is definitely wrong with this installation of DWCC2015 . I have "Maintain Design notes" and Maintain synchronization information both unchecked. When I put a file I get the dialog that synchronization information can't be found and I say yes to the question do you wish to put the file anyways. This appears to create the _notes folder.


              FYI: It appears that after I put a file, when I look at "Maintain synchronization information" it *is* checked !


              How do I stop this behavior ?


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                Rb Level 1

                DW Support,


                I have deleted the SFTP server information in DW. Finally I am not seeing the _notes folders.

                Please let me know if you ever fix this.

                I will use another file transfer software to publish files.