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    MXF OP1a Export Pixel Constraint

    chrisbrearley Level 2

      Today I tried unsuccessfully exporting from a 3840x2160 timeline to a MXF OP1a with XAVC Intra HD 300 codec. AE was given me settings mismatch errors about wrong PARs and changing them to meet format restraints. I rendered anyway and got black bars top and bottom.


      Settings on the left, how stuff looks when rendered on the bottom right. Not what I was hoping for. In the end I had to resort to Quicktimes. 4k Quicktimes under a 32bit windows quicktime is not a good thing. I would like to use MXFs.



      Turns out this bug was reported three years ago in this thread MXF OP1a AVC-Intra Class100 1080 won't render correctly from Render Queue and according to two Adobe employees was fixed for the CC release. Well it ain't. This same error comes up when rendering to any Sony AVC/XAVC MXF OP1a. CC2014 and CC2015.


      Answers on a postcard...


      No issues from Prem or Resolve with this codec.