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    Lightroom displays my images brighter than they actually are, what's going on?


      Hi you guys, I have been working professionally with Lightroom for a couple of years now, yesterday LR started to display my exported pictures much brighter than they actually are (around 1.5 - 2 + exposure!).

      When I look at the image (jpeg) in Bridge or Photoshop they look normal / like they're supposed to.


      I first suspected that something went wrong with the export, but since Bridge and PS display it right I ruled this out.


      You can see that LR brightens them up in retrospect, they show up for a split second in their "right light", then get brightened.


      Can anyone help me with that? What can I do to fix it?


      Concerning my work flow: I do rough adjustments in LR, then export to PS, then save it as a tiff and then export it in LR to a folder as a jpeg.


      Thanks in advance!