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    addons not installing for CC 2015?

    BriarKW Level 1

      I've come across others with this problem.

      I am using Windows 7 Pro and have Creative Cloud Desktop Manager installed and a paid up sub. to all CC2015 programs in the CC2015 suite.

      I have CCDM running with sync turned on in preferences.

      I go to Creative addons for plugin/extensions https://creative.adobe.com/addons/.

      I choose my addon, I do everything according to the book. The addon manager tels me I have acquired the plugin/extension

      NOTHING happens inside Creative Cloud, no activity stream. The downloaded plugins do not show up in the programs they are destined for!!


      I went online to Adobe Help. For about 1.5 hours they could not solve the problem. It has been escalated.

      Others with the same problem are reporting Adobe Help is no help on this one.


      I have rebooted, exited CC, re-entered, tested  number of free installs (so I don't purchase something that won't load) removed them, reinstalled them . Nothing doing anything.


      anyone any ideas?



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          rndllcprn Level 1

          I have the same problem. No add-ons getting installed on CC2015.

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            rndllcprn Level 1

            Fixed it by signing-out of Creative Cloud, restarting and opening Photoshop CC 2015 and signing-in from there. Add-ons installed a few seconds after.

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              BriarKW Level 1

              Briar here - the one who started this post.

              Tried what you suggesed, rndllcprn, but it made no difference.

              I note the update to Creative Cloud Desktop Manager  (that a staff memeber has frecently said will solve the problem) but I have been using that latest version during all this. I have signed out of CCDM  and signed in, removed my installs and reinstalled. Nothing. I am forced to use the alternative method of getting add-ons, which usually means a .zxp file to be installed using the Adobe Extension Manager.  The AEM only works up to 2014  - not beyond - that's an Adobe edict. I'm using  CC2015 - so the .zxp method isn't working either. I can't get the addons and I can't load in the. zxps! And I don't want to revert to CC 2014 !!


              What I want to know is why the CCDesktop manager isn't processing these. Adobe Help used their remote acesss setup for some time,removed processes, cleaned out systems folders, uinstalled, reinstalled CC and did what they could but they couldn't track it down...


              Very frustrating!!


              Any more ideas anyone?

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                wilhelmchang Level 1

                I'm experiencing the same issue here... any fix???

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                  sarahj60146649 Level 1

                  Me too, I've just spent 2 hours trying to get them to install and I'm getting really cross now!!


                  I've signed out of Creative Cloud, re-booted, you name it, I've tried it and they're still not installing.


                  Fix this Adobe asap, I've just spent £24 on Tony Kuyper's Luminosity Masks...

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                    christians44469816 Level 1

                    Yes, please Fix this Adobe asap, I've also spent money on Tony Kuyper's Luminosity Masks.

                    And I need this for my workflow.

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                      ppalludan Level 1



                      I am developing photoshop add-in for Photoshop CC 2014 and Photoshop CC 2015.


                      We have testet on multiple machines and it seems very random, some machines just works perfect and other machines nothing happens. It happens on both windows and mac, and on all versions.


                      When we have problems installing on PS2015, we use Site - Zxp Installer, it works great - just remember to close Photoshop first and then drag the zxp file directly into the Zxp application.

                      We always use the latest Adobe Creative Cloud Application and use the latest Photoshop CC 2015.

                      We have administrator access, but could it be that Creative Cloud somehow does not get properly installed on some machines ?

                      But I am VERY CHOCKED that Adobe has not addressed this yet and that people have to write on a forum and find out for themselfs. For such a big company as Adobe, you should expect better.


                      Would love to hear from some experts out there, how you can get Adobe Creative Cloud to sync correctly on all machines.

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                        Elot Level 1

                        Well, i have the same problem as the others.

                        It will not be visible after install of a plugin.

                        In the CCDM i can see that it did install (on the main page, after installing via web interface) as it nicely mentions it as installed.

                        But starting Lightroom (problem is in LR with me) shows nothing.

                        Via CCDM i can install the plugin manager (yes, it is available again for free) and it shows me that the plugins are indeed installed.

                        But nothing in LR.


                        I also tried, logoff and logon from CC, tried removing LR and reinstalling LR, tried rebooting of the laptop etc.


                        Just to be sure that it is not a rights problem on the OS (i use Windows 10 now), i changed the rights for Everyone to write access on LR maps. Also no results.


                        Tried the ZXP intaller you mention, but it does exactly the same as the CC plugin manager, so that does not help.

                        I have no idea how to get this working again (as it did work in cc2014 version).

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                          ruthd72635518 Level 1

                          I am new to CC....downloaded PS CC2015 yesterday. Copied my plugins from CS6 over to CC folder and get an error code every time I launch from the taskbar or from my "apps" using Win 8. I have read these comments and I am so concerned with what I am reading. Adobe's development team, as a consumer, we should not be using "work-arounds" so that we can use your product with add-ons or plug-ins...as a past project manager for Sprint system "work arounds" were not acceptable or implemented....


                          I spent an hour with customer service.....was told to copy one plugin at a time into CC plugin folder to see if I get the same error.....I get the same error....

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                            christians44469816 Level 1

                            Thanks ppalludan !!!

                            That works great and solve all my problems.


                            You make me happy :-)

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                              Lojambo Level 1

                              ppalludan, thank you so much!


                              Your answer saved my day.

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                                gutigas Level 1

                                Tengo el mismo problema. He enviado correo al desarrollador de tk actions y me ha dicho que es un problema de comunicación entre add ons y creative cloud de escritorio, es decir problema de adobe....a ver si ponen una solución de una vez, por que no estamos para tirar dinero en una extensión que no podemos instalar....Un saludo desde Pamplona(España) a todos.

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                                  gutigas Level 1

                                  Gracias, Gracias ppalludan. Problema solucionado.

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                                    DBarranca Level 4


                                    as an extension developer I've been reported myself too that sometimes my customers are unable to install products via Add-ons / CC2015.

                                    ZXP + Max Penson ZXPInstaller or manual installation is the way to go, yet my impression is that, as a platform, Add-ons would require "some" refinements to be used successfully on both sides (users and producers).

                                    Because we do *not* want nor need to have another version of the old Photoshop Marketplace, do we?!


                                    As a side note "Moving to Add-ons" as the Correct Answer is a bit funny ;-)


                                    Davide Barranca




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                                      AnthonyK Level 1

                                      "Moving to Add-Ons" is the answer?  That would actually seem to be the problem.  How is it the answer?


                                      I have had several people write me that they can get NO add-ons to install directly from the Add-Ons website.  Generally Mac users, but a few Windows folks too.


                                      These people usually need to reinstall CC 2014 and then install the add-on through Extension Manager, which still works for CC 2014.  Unfortunately, this negates one of the Add-Ons advantages, namely that the producer can upload updates or bug-fixes directly to Add-Ons and then Add-Ons automatically installs them on the end-users' systems. 


                                      On another thread K. Woods provided information on submitting error logs if Add-Ons installation fails.  It's a bit hard to follow so I created a webpage with more distinct directions for Mac and  Windows:  http://www.goodlight.us/writing/error-logs/error-logs.html


                                      Adobe claims they cannot replicate the Add-Ons problems users are experiencing.  So error logs might be the only thing that can help Adobe figure this out.

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                                        K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                        Just a follow-up for the CC 2015 installation problems, for a slightly simpler method of generating log files, we have created a log collector tool. Please see the updated instructions to users here: Add-ons installation problems and lack of activity in the CC app

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                                          madaines Level 1

                                          Another big thank you from me ppalludan!


                                          I have spent the last three to four hours pulling my hair out and failing to load Tony Kuyper's Luminosity Masks (he seems to be doing very well....rightly so) and have only just now after trawling Google, found your post re the ZXP Installer and instantly BINGO!


                                          You posted your tip on August 14 and here we are on September 24 and still nothing works via the CCDM!

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                                            pablo.arcia Level 1

                                            Jan 20th 2016 and I am still having this problem. I have found a work-around. If you have the full license you can install an old version of the app that you need (in my case Illustrator) alongside the most current version. You can install the extension using Extension Manager on the old version and it will work on the new version.

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                                              claytonp28635191 Level 1

                                              Its still so frustrating that plugin installations are still an issue. We are also having issues installing on CC15 for AI. I will have to go ahead and try this.

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                                                gutigas Level 1

                                                Pues sí. Al final instale las tk actions con el programa zxp installer, ya

                                                que desde la add ons de adobe no pude. Un Saludo.


                                                2016-02-02 16:06 GMT+01:00 claytonp28635191 <forums_noreply@adobe.com>:


                                                addons not installing for CC 2015? created by claytonp28635191

                                                <https://forums.adobe.com/people/claytonp28635191> in Add-Ons - View

                                                the full discussion <https://forums.adobe.com/message/8454264#8454264>


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                                                  pablo.arcia Level 1

                                                  This is my failsafe. If nothing else works then this is what I do. It works 100% of the time. I think it also keeps the addon updated.

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                                                    NathanOdellin Level 1

                                                    This issue has been present for ages now and has not been fixed by Adobe. I've tried every single option for resolving 'missing' downloads, you name it I've done it and yet nothing works. I've paid for a Muse Widget and the transaction went through fine, Adobe and the third party have my money - but I do not have my product. So now my work is at a complete stand still.


                                                    Something else that I find seriously frustrating given Adobe has forced it's customers into the cloud, is that they do not provide 24 / 7 support. For professional designers, when something does not work (or rather, when Adobe's cloud software does not function as it is advertised) we are left completely in the dark to google our way though the mess of endless repeat questions.


                                                    I don't find this acceptable at all, given what the software costs. Adobe must be a multi million dollar business now, yet I still have to resort to community chat forums like this to solve urgent problems with their software, or else send emails that take days to get a response.


                                                    Adobe, please get your act together and at the very least provide paying customers with around the clock support. Even my web host provides this!


                                                    Not a happy bunny at all.

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                                                      Bob@ShibumiOz Level 1

                                                      Hi guys. Update with the same stupid issue. Have just spent hours upon hours with Adobe trying to install the TKaction panel into Adobe Cloud 2016/2016. Cannot believe the ineptitude of Adobe. Still stuck no solutions, waiting for a call back from Adobe. Bob Lee

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                                                        AnthonyK Level 1

                                                        I've been emailing who wrote:  "Have just spent hours upon hours with Adobe trying to install the TKaction panel into Adobe Cloud 2016/2016."


                                                        It turns out that he actually got caught up in Adobe's switch from Flash panels to HTML5 panels with the release of CC 2014.  Bob has the CS6 version of the TKActions V4 panel and was trying to install that into CC 2015, which is never going to work since CS6 panels are completely incompatible with CC 2015 products.  The term "add-ons" had been interpreted somewhat generically by him to be all extension panels, not something specifically purchased from the "Add-ons" website.  Completely understandable, though it took me a bit to figure out why even ZXP Installer wouldn't work for his panel.  I'm at the point that even when Adobe tech support can't get people's panels to install, I have enough workarounds to get it working . . . though Bob's case puzzled me more than most.

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                                                          Josh Harwood Level 1

                                                          Addons are not syncing/downloading to our team computers. Why is this not being fixed?

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                                                            AndreasEdin Level 1

                                                            I have the same issue, I am on Mac Adobe CC2015 and this add on I am trying to get is for Indesign. Can only 'acquire' add-ons at the moment and my company has bought into a big money solution which will make catalogue production easier using a InRiver Print Plug-In. But at the moment I can only sit and cry due to it not even being downloaded onto my computer. Adobe Forum as you mentioned only say no to helping, and that´s laughable.

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                                                              neilw5036518 Level 1

                                                              Thanks, this worked for me too, in a rather convoluted mixture of signing in and out of Creative Cloud, and signing in again from InDesign.

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                                                                ogrmedia Level 1

                                                                I think this situation has gone unresolved for long enough now. Adobe are very quick to take your money, yet seem unable to keep their software and add-ons running. I have a team of 12 freelance editors working on content for a Sky TV channel that I control, all but 2 of them use the CC2015 suite and all of them have various issues that have gone unanswered by Adobe.


                                                                This forum (and the adobe support sites generally) are filled with out of date information, broken links and generally unhelpful information. We are NOT software developers, nor do we wish to be. Hours of uninstalling and reinstalling broken software is costly to professional users and is wholly unacceptable from a company the size of Adobe.


                                                                I am putting together a half hour 'expose' style program to air on my channel and would be most interested in hearing from users who, like us, are tired of the lack of service from a company that purports to be 'high end'.


                                                                If you have an issue you would like us to consider for inclusion, you can email me direct at glenn.rogers@ogrmedia.com

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                                                                  K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                                  Hello Glenn,


                                                                  I have just read through your post and some of the posts from other users on this matter.


                                                                  The problem in diagnosing and pinpointing exactly what is going on here is tricky because it is not happening across the board. This problem is only affecting a small minority of Add-ons users. Therefore there is not one obvious solution which we can roll-out as a fix. We therefore have to investigate each user's problem on a case-by-case basis. We really do need specific information from the users affected in order to diagnose what's going wrong.


                                                                  When we investigated user log files in the past, it was not one problem for each user, and we found that many users still had Extension Manager installed on their computer even although it is E-O-L'd, and we have asked all users to remove this as it does cause the problems described in these posts.


                                                                  I had created a forum post at this link to help users with this issue. It requires them to send us their log files, and we in turn will read into them and then hopefully get to the bottom of the problem for each of the affected users, one by one.


                                                                  Meantime we regret that this problem is occurring for users, and with the help of the users affected in sending us the logs, we will do our best to assist.





                                                                  P.S. Please note that Add-ons is a separate additional service provided free to CS6 and CC users, irrespective of their CC membership. It has no impact on the pricing structure of memberships to Creative Cloud service.

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                                                                    ogrmedia Level 1

                                                                    With all due respect Krystal, the issue here is that paying customers seem to be being used as 'testers'. I recently added an audio player add on for Muse which did not require this protracted 'sync' scenario, I simply downloaded the .muslib file and executed it - no issues and a working feature. Then after shelling out £40 on paid add ons, discover the process is different. Everywhere you look on your forum, and the web in general, there are hundreds of people having these un-resolved issues and, frankly, just one is one too many for a company the size of Adobe. There is clearly a benefit to Adobe to offer these add ons, the very least you can do is to create distributable muslib versions of these products until a solution is found (please lets not pretend this is a 'rare case scenario') or suspend the service altogether.


                                                                    Trying to resolve this has cost me many hours of valuable production time and now I have a further issue in that CCDA won't re-install. I appreciate that this is not your fault personally, but as the voice of Adobe in this forum perhaps you need to bounce this back up the chain and remind the faceless powers that be that it is not the customers job to act as fault finders. We've paid for your software and the add ons that are advertised and sold through your site, that's our end of the bargain taken care of. Your (Adobe's) role is to make damn sure those tools work. In a professional environment 2 days is too long to wait for an answer yet there are unanswered posts on here that go back over a year.


                                                                    At this point I should be getting offered a refund for the add ons I bought, but of course Adobe will say 'we don't sell them, they're 3rd party add ons', but it's your unnecessarily protracted install methods that are preventing their use and the add on section of my account offers no re-course or refund policies.


                                                                    In the last 2 hours I have had emails from over 40 disgruntled users (many more than have posted on the forum, yet are clearly reading it) I expect that number will rise dramatically over night. It's time to find a simple and effective fix for this, and the other ongoing problems that so many users seem to be experiencing.


                                                                    I am a huge fan of the Adobe suite, but it's beginning to feel like you've been taken over by 'just out of college' software developers who don't have sight of the fact that the vast majority of your end users are business people who don't have time to help sort out the bugs.


                                                                    My own issue isn't the fact that I've paid for features I'm not getting (lets be honest, £40 is peanuts really) but there is an over riding matter of principle here, customer service should be paramount, and it seems not to be where Adobe is concerned.


                                                                    Glenn Rogers

                                                                    • 32. Re: addons not installing for CC 2015?
                                                                      ogrmedia Level 1

                                                                      Hats off to MuseTemplatesPro for stunningly fast customer service. They solved my own issue by simply sending me the .mulib file direct. Double clicked it - job done.  3 days of lost production faffing about with uninstalling, reinstalling, running log programs that do not work unless to have a degree in nuclear physics and the problem was solved in half an hour by an attentive and conscientious software developer. Why didn't Adobe think of that????

                                                                      • 33. Re: addons not installing for CC 2015?
                                                                        miket969 Level 1

                                                                        is there any way you can share that file that fixes your issue - we are having the same problem here

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                                                                          K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                                          Michael, I think you misunderstood. The file is a muse template file, nothing related to fixing this issue. The producer sent the user the file directly as opposed to having to install it through add-ons.


                                                                          Meantime, for anyone experiencing this issue...please ensure that you downloaded your copy of the Creative Cloud desktop from this page and form nowhere else, e.g. an email link or a partner program link. Other versions do not contain the Exchange Plugins that the official public release version contains.


                                                                          If you cannot recall exactly where you obtained your copy of the CC app, I would recommend:

                                                                          a. Uninstalling your Creative Cloud Desktop App: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/uninstall-creative-cloud-desktop-app.html

                                                                          https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/uninstall-creative-cloud-desktop-app.htmlb. Install the official public release version of the Creative Cloud Desktop App: https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/creative-cloud


                                                                          If you have the correct version of Creative Cloud installed, you will have a log file in these locations:

                                                                          Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/Log
                                                                          Win: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Extension Manager CC\Log

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                                                                            yongq85751906 Level 1

                                                                            Hi, I have same issue with installing addons for


                                                                            Creative Cloud :

                                                                            Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3 Trial


                                                                            MacOS version is 10.9.5


                                                                            The addon I tried to install is Domo App Design Studio


                                                                            My ExManCoreLibrary.log has following entries whenever I tried Remove/Install.


                                                                            [Error] Thu Jun 23 06:15:58.794 2016 (ExtensionManager.cpp, 3016) -CExtensionManager::getFailedExtension failed, status = -506!

                                                                            [Error] Thu Jun 23 06:15:58.798 2016 (ExManCoreLib.cpp, 394) -ExManGetFailedExtensionFromDB failed, status = -1!


                                                                            By the way, I have tried all above tips and none works.


                                                                            Any help?





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                                                                              pablo.arcia Level 1

                                                                              Hey yongq85751906,


                                                                              My name is Pablo and I work for Domo. Adobe recently updated Creative Cloud versions of their Apps. with Illustrator being one of those updates.  Design Studio is not compatible with the latest release.  We have a fix that is awaiting Adobe approval and I will update once that happens.




                                                                              Pablo Arcia

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                                                                                marloo36190178 Level 1

                                                                                Hi Pablo,


                                                                                Any updates on this issue.  I just tried installing the Domo Design Studio add-on and I'm having issues with it as well.  Thanks.



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                                                                                  Pixelwizz Level 1

                                                                                  Hi all,


                                                                                  I would like to add my two cents worth.


                                                                                  I have had the same problem with add-ons not being installed for about twelve months. I have had email conversations with tech support who suggested I try various things and none worked so I gave up in disgust. Today on a whim, I trawled the forums again for an answer and came up with the fact that extension manager had to be removed, which I had previously trashed (I'm on a MacBookPro with latest CC Desktop App) and did a search in my Applications folder for any hidden traces of extension manager. Long story made short, I found hidden away in a sub, sub , sub folder 'ExtensionManager.js' and 'ExtensionManager.htm'. I trashed them, rebooted and opened the CC Desktop App and lo and behold the add-ons I had selected almost a year ago came flooding in.


                                                                                  Give it a try.



                                                                                  • 39. Re: addons not installing for CC 2015?
                                                                                    AnthonyK Level 1

                                                                                    Paul-- Mac definitely has more problems than Windows, so your finding might be useful to others.  Do you know the path to 'ExtensionManager.js' and 'ExtensionManager.htm'?  Or maybe someone from Adobe staff could also answer where these errant files might be located.  My experience is that this problem has still not been solved for many other people so this is certainly worth passing along.  Thanks.

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