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    export a3 to a4

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      I am a virtual indesign beginniner and i have used 2 templates to create a year book for my child's class. I have to get all the pages out as single a4 pdf pages. One of the templates has all the inside pages and this exports fine, However the other template, which will be the cover, has been set up as a custom landscape 423.3 by 297mm so that when it exports I get what looks like two A3 pages.


      I need to find a way to get this into 4 pages so that I can create the correct pdf for the printer.


      How can I do this please.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          The cover is often done as one single spread and is also often printed different. I would suggest to ask the printer which size the cover has to be. You need to add bleed and often some mm for the paper's thickness of the brochure or book.

          Otherwise, the easiest way to transform it to other page sizes could be to import the INDD file in another INDD file via File > Place … and select the INDD file.

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            maxelcat Level 1

            thanks for this answer Willi - I called the printer as suggested - apparently its exactly as they need so that's great.