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    Why does my RAM preview only render about 10s with 8 gig ram


      I don't know why it does this, I have a simple video file in HD 60 fps and it's previewing in third quality. I Have 8 gig's of ram, 4 core intel i5 processor and GTX770 GPU. I allocated all 7.9 gb of ram to after effects, enabled and disabled disk cache, I purged all memory, etc. I don't know why it only renders for about 10s in the RAM preview, with my rig I should get at least 30s or so right? 10s is unworkable for me and if I make my project more complicated with more effects, it will render less that 10seconds, sometimes even just a few milliseconds :O. The strange thing is that it worked once, yesterday I was able to do very long RAM previews, I don't know how long but at least for 30 seconds and more! I don't know what went wrong and as far as I know I didn't change anything in the settings. It just stopped working properly.

      I'm using adobe after effects cs6

      please help me...