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    Length of timeline question

    teddybare Level 1

      Is there any limitation of the length of the timeline in PE13?

      I have Win7 64bit, i7 with 8gb ram 3 HD  OS & App=1. Scratch=2.  Media=3.


      Recently I went on a 2 mth holiday touring across Australia and back and returned with about 6 hours of full HD footage.(PAL 1080i 50hz - about 60gb total)

      My camera has a 32gb internal memory and I have a 32gb external card as well


      I copied the 32gb internal memory into my computer (first reel) and it all loaded into a one timeline (about 3 hours worth) but it kept freezing after using for a while (nearly ran out of resources).

      When I installed the last update, PE now seems to handle that quite well without any problems.


      My current task is to produce a single 30 minute condensed version of the whole holiday so I don't bore the neighbors when I show it to them!

      As I have already done part of the "first reel" I don't want to destroy this if I add the "second reel"

      I was hoping not to have to make a number of small timelines and join them up because I want to cut and paste parts of the last reel into the first part of the finished product because I visited some locations twice (once going and again on the way home)


      Any body tried that much data in one timeline?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The maximum content duration of the the Premiere Elements Timeline is about 23 hours. I have actually determined this limit after which you cannot add anything more to the Timeline. If you need an exact figure, I will search my records for it.


          However, how much of that content that can be exported will expend on your computer resources and the complexity of the Timeline content.

          You need to define your limits.


          I would suspect that more installed and available and usable RAM in your system should be explored. Does 3 HD represent external or internal hard drives, and what is the capacity of each?


          If you are referring to cut and paste between Premiere Elements products, how have you decided to do that?

          You wrote

          As I have already done part of the "first reel" I don't want to destroy this if I add the "second reel"


          You could make a copy (as backup) of the project, work from the copy to add the "second reel".



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            teddybare Level 1

            Thanks, 23 hours is more than enough.


            All the HDs are internal 500gb each with plenty of room. I found using 3 HDs like this much faster when I had PE9


            Is there any info as to how much ram I should ideally have for a given amount of video of a certain resolution represented by the timeline?

            It is hard to know when PE is using the RAM or the disk for temporary storage and the HDs all have caches too.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              How many slots does your computer motherboard have for RAM modules? And, do your computer specifications give a computer manufacturer's maximum amount for supported installed RAM? 16 GB installed RAM might be the next step.


              If the Task Manager is not giving you enough information, you might want to explore the free Process Explorer Sysinternals.

              Process Explorer


              Considering the variations in the complexity of the Timeline content, please give a mini test run look at defining your limits.