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    How to disable video caching in Lightroom CC?

    MCHImages Level 1

      Greetings everyone!


      I am attempting to import about 40,000 items which are primarily images on an external drive, though there are quite a few video clips as well.  As I have a very small system SSD (120G), I need to keep absolutely everything on the external drive.  While importing, I have it set to 'Add' and to leave all files in place.  However, part way through the import I received a warning that my system drive is out of space.  I *think* I have it narrowed down to video caching, though if anyone knows what else LR might be storing on my system drive aside from the application itself, I'd appreciate the education.


      This brings me to my question: How can I disable any video caching on my system drive? Or, how can I change the caching location to the external drive?  I scoured through setting and checked online forums and came up with nothing...  Hopefully the experts here can enlighten me!


      Thank you in advance for the help!