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    Best Option for Multi-user

    marka26648388 Level 1

      Hi Guys


      Just starting with RH (2015). I'll initially be working on one large project with another user. We'll both be working on same sections at same time (but not same topics (files).


      I develop software and use TortoiseSVN, so i'm used to source control. My colleague knows nothing about source control


      What are my options (not interested in sharepoint)?


      Some issues I see with using SVN:

      I presume when i add a file or project, it updates a master project file. So if both of us add a file and the project file is under source control won;t that create conflicts and these would be a pain to manage.


      Assuming we both use source control wouldn't we both need to checkout the project in the morning to be able to access it's content?