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    How do i render left and right eye as individual image sequences


      I'm using a software called ToonBoom harmony to render out stereoscopic animation. In ToonBoom I have all of my scene objects split in z-dpeth with foreground, midground, and background objects.


      I then setup a camera rig that has two cameras render the left and right eye image sequence.


      Then I bring the image sequences into after effects and place them into a comp, then create an adjustment layer with a 3d glasses effect applied to it. After that I load the left and right image sequences into the 3d glasses effect then I set the "scene convergence" -12  and I get the exact results I'm looking for.


      Now I want to export the scene as individual left and right images again but that option doesn't seem visible anywhere...I can render it out in almost any other way but not a separate left and right image sequence...Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about?