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    Tag Editor

    angryglock Level 1

      This page clearly states that Coldfusion Builder 3 has a Tag Editor. How do you open it? It's not on the sad excuse for a tag menu and Ctrl T, Ctl Alt T, Ctrl Shift T don't do a thing. The description of the tag editor is the 7th item down in the first column.



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          angryglock Level 1

          I'm going to assume that Adobe is practicing FALSE advertising. ColdFusion Builder 2016 AGAIN states on this page

          Features | Adobe ColdFusion Builder


          That is has a Tag Editor which:

          Easily maintain existing code and minimize code errors by identifying required tag attributes and assigning values with the tag editor.

          I cannot find any tag editor. Every question about Tag Editor in this form dating back for years is unanswered. WTF Adobe? Either CFB has a tag editor or it does not. Which is it? Stop advertising that it does if it does not.