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    var field=this.addField('datafield','text',1,rect); not working in IE11 but working in IE8


      My project is running using ColdFusion and JAVA. Using cfobject java classes are using to fill pdf fields. Using this.addfield adding few fields and attaching to datafield.


      <cfset tst="var recordindex=0;"&

        " var XMLData='<?xml version=""1.0""  encoding=""UTF-8""?>';"&

        "var INFOFields='<INFOFields>';" &

        "var globaldata='<global>';" &

        "var screen_changed=false;" &

        "function sbtform(){" &

        "if(recordindex==0){" &

        "XMLData+=INFOFields+'</INFOFields>';}" &

        "var f=event.target;" &

        "var rect=f.rect;" &

        "var field=this.addField('datafield','text', this.pageNum,rect);" & 

        "field.richtext=true;" &

        "field.value=XMLData;" &

        "var tyear=this.addField('tyear','text', this.pageNum,rect);tyear.value='#taxyear#';" &

        "var syear=this.addField('syear','text', this.pageNum,rect);syear.value='#shortyear#';" &

        "var gid=this.addField('gid','text', this.pageNum,rect);gid.value='#gid#';"  &

        "var jid=this.addField('jid','text', this.pageNum,rect);jid.value='#jid#';" &

        "var id=this.addField('id','text', this.pageNum,rect);id.value='#id#';"  &

        "var arr= new Array('datafield','tyear','syear','jid','gid');" &

        "this.sbtform({cURL: '#url#',aFields: arr,cSubmitAs: 'HTML'});" &

        "recordindex++;" &

        " }">



      This code running perfectly in IE version 8 but not working IE 11 at least there is no error message or script console. Am not able to debug the problem is either java class or this script code


      Can you please suggest me how to work-it out.




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          mvlnreddy Level 1

          Finally I downgraded IE version 11 to IE version 8 here also facing same issue I conclude that problem is not in the browser. I tried this PDF form submission with my colleague machine its working fine I shocked problem is in machine may be required some updates. I am trying to solve this issue from the last one week onwards but unable to work it out.


          Note: PDF form submission is not working above query forgot to mention this point,  middle of the code after addField added alert this alert shows nothing so that I thought script problem in addField and I added query heading like above now realized that problem with my computer.


          Please anyone look into this issue.