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    Signature" tool is missing from my" Acrobat DC


      I just bought Acrobat DC about an hour ago. I'm going to be using it extensively to send documents to clients for signature. I had been using Acrobat XI Standard, but when I updated it last night the program froze every time I try to do anything in a document. That's a whole other story...


      So I now open the document I was working on using Acrobat DC, and when I go to send it for signature, there seems to be no way to do that I went to the help section, and it tells me to open the "Send for Signature" tool, but there isn't any "Send for Signature" tool. What gives?


      And I have to vent a little bit. I can't believe how lousy Adobe customer service is. The only way I can get help with software I purchased an hour ago is to go on to this forum. There is no chat help available. This whole experience has enough hours of my time, oh which means business for me. I was forced to buy a product I don't think that I really needed, and then there is no support for. I expected from a lesser company than Adobe, but I'm hugely disappointed to have to deal with this.