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    Create an HD capable plugin for website video conferencing


      Forgive me if this is not the right forum for this question.   I've been tasked with creating a website that is capable of having high definition video conferencing.  I'm an experienced .Net programmer, but not Adobe...hence the question here.  I've built a website that currently uses a third party plugin and have it running through the Adobe Cirrus server rather than a traditional media server....both for initial cost purposes as well supposed performance as the research I did said that peer-to-peer would be better.  The site works just fine....users can log in and communicate with each other in the "conference room", but the quality of the video is fairly poor....it pixelates each time someone moves.  That could be due to having a fairly low bandwidth development environment....or it could be the plug in, or the Cirrus server.  Having virtually no Adobe programming experience I can't say what it is.


      Would someone be able to give me some advice?  Should I have a real media server?  Is there a good resource for learning how to program ActionScript?  And is it even possible for me to create a plugin that would give HD quality video (of course given the appropriate HD camera feed).