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    Menues in Adobe Premiere Elements 12


      Hi There

      I wonder that when I choose a menu and then a submenu, so there is a difference.

      The problem lies in the main menu is in 16: 9 format, while the submenu is only in 4: 3 format.

      I've been looking for an opportunity to set the menus, but has not come to a solution - can anyone here help with this problem?

      Flemming Pedersen

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Flemming Pedersen


          What computer operating system is involved?


          Because of the nature of your problem, please name the specific menu which with you have question.


          What is your project preset for this project involved with the menu question? The project preset determines which menus will be available to you in the Movie Menu customization area.


          Each menu comes with a main menu and a scene menu. When you write "submenu", are you referring to the scene selection page which you will not have  unless you have placed scene markers in the Timeline content?


          Please post the above details, and I will evaluate the situation completely. I have not run into what you are describing so more details will assure that we are together on the details.


          Thank you.



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            fphoto.dk Level 1

            Hi There

            Thanks for the reply - I did so not thought of these details.

            Computer: Mac + yousemite 10.10.4 + Element 12

            Menu: Valentine.

            I would say it's managed to get it to work in AVCHD disc with 16: 9 in both the main and submenu. It is not yet succeeded in DVD disc.

            At the same time there are also problems with the copying of a movie or photo in the heart of the main menu. My movie / picture fills fine the masked area in the other themes, it is only in Valentine this problem is present, perhaps it should be of a certain size, but there is no specified.

            I hope this time I have given a little more information to alleviate any. errors or other problems in the program otherwise works really well.

            Flemming Pedersen

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Flemming Pedersen


              Just a quick update.


              I have been working on the HD Valentine theme main menu and getting photo to fit properly in the  heart insert space.

              So far, the best way I have found is to go into the theme's main menu .psd file and edit the Background Layer Group.

              This becomes a Photoshop CS or higher job.


              Please confirm...when you originally referred to 16:9 main menu and 4:3 scene menu, were you referring to the page's aspect ratio or to the way the images were fitting into

              a. the heart in the main menu page


              b. the Timeline scenes in the scene selection page


              To be continued in the morning morning.



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                fphoto.dk Level 1

                Hi There

                I have experimented some days with this menu, and only if I create a webdisk been able to create a photoshop file.

                You are right in saying that with easily put an image into the heart with photoshop CS5 quickmasking tool, but I can not see how I can transfer this file to premiere element themes again and still take advantage of the active buttons.

                I have therefore chosen not to use this menu to premiere element - besides, I read the manual and this is not stated anywhere that you can change the menus.

                Thank you for your participation.

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                  fphoto.dk Level 1

                  Hello again

                  I would just add that it is very wrong with a lot of premiere elements menus - especially if you have to create DVD. The menus are contrary flawless most of which if you want to produce blu ray / AVCHD DVD.

                  Let me give an example: The "in lovely memory" has the DVD menu trouble reproducing the yellow arrows that disappears completely. It is difficult to know which button you choose to use.

                  In blu ray menu, there are no errors.

                  I have tested my DVD in 20 different players - none of them showed the yellow arrows indicating which part of the menu you want to see.

                  I think I definitely choose to switch to another program - I think the fact that also the element 13 has these errors.

                  Flemming Pedersen

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    Flemming Pedersen


                    Thanks for the follow up.


                    When I saw your post 4 just now and started to respond, I saw that date that I last posted and was shocked to see it was July 17, and it is now July 20. Apologizes for the delay. But, I have been working on the matter. The keys to success in getting a good fit into the heart on the main menu is to go to the .psd file for the main menu and replace the bottom 4 layers in the Background Layer Group with 1440 x 1080 solid colored layer or 1920 x 1080 scaled to fit the Image Size of the project.


                    It is easy to get the edited menu in the proper location on the hard drive so that you have access to it in the Movie Menu display area in the opened project.

                    I can go into more details if needed, but basically this is what I would do...could be for s, w, or hd set of .psd files....

                    1. Make a copy of the original hd set for Valentine .psd for main menu and .psd for scene menu, and place them in a folder on the computer desktop...keeping the Adobe naming format alter the .psd file name slightly but not significantly

                    2. Working from the desktop folder, open the main menu .psd and edit the Background Layer Group...save changes.

                    3. Take that folder with the .psd files and place them in the Program Files path rather than the Program Data path that you followed to get copies for the edit.

                    Folder with edited files would go in the end of the following path as indicated

                    Local Disk C

                    Program Files


                    Adobe Premier Elements 12.0 (in your case)

                    DVD Templates


                    in Common Folder create a "My Special Menus" Folder

                    in the "My Special Menus" Folder, place the Folder with the edited .psd files.


                    Please consider following how to details....

                    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Disc Menu Folders/Files Locations


                    I have not gotten to the scene menu yet.


                    One of the major problems even after .psd edits is the selection of the background versus the insert in the Movie Menu customization area. I am needing to resize and move the background so that I can get the insert selected for adjusts.