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    printer driver problem LR CC Win10 rtm

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      I've been running Lightroom CC on the various builds of Windows 10 for many months with no problems except an issue with the Canon printer driver. I am now running Win10 'release to manufature' so this is the retail end user of Win10.


      Canon of course don't have a Win10 tested driver available yet. Despite the fact that nVidia has had Win10 specific drivers for months now. Anyway, I can install and use the latest Win8.1 64 bit drivers OK. I just can use them from Lightroom (or PS CC).


      The printer driver is installed and in Win10 Devices & Printers I set my printer preferences such as paper size. Fine. I open LR 6 CC and select an image and open the Print Module.


      Here I select Printer and check the preferences for the Canon are still correct. They aren't despite my setting the ones I set as default. OK so I reset the paper size & orientation etc in the driver via LR and on closing the window it prints. At the wrong size.


      Also, in the Print Module, LR displays the preview but that doesn't change when I change paper size or orientation within the driver. I have tried printer using printer and print using one of my colour profiles. That makes no difference.


      This is one of those situations where Microsoft blame Canon, Canon blame Adobe and Adobe ignores me no doubt! LOL.


      However by feel is that MS might have a built-in basic driver for Canon and that LR is somehow confusing the two. Is this likely?


      Of course I've queried this with Canon but they hide behind the disclaimer that they don't support Win10 until they have checked their drivers. And even then, they say, there is no guarrantee they will update the drivers as this costs them money (YES they really say that on a website!!). My printer is from 2014 by the way.


      Any boffin from LR team have any experience of this please?


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