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    which Adobe program makes Themes?

    RobbieArts Level 1

      Hello Cloud, I would like to know which of the many programs in the cloud can I use to create a working Theme for android phones and the others. Of course, main images I can do in Photoshop, but where do I go from there? Thank you.

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          Pattie-F Level 7

          What do you mean by themes? What do you want the Adobe software to do with the images?

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            RobbieArts Level 1
            1. The way your phone screen looks....by theme I mean the background artwork and setup of buttons, fonts and wallpaper. There are lots of different ones you can apply to your phone. Some are free and some are a tiny bit of money. Looking for a program to put a theme together and have it work on an android phone which seems to not have much variety available. I saw a you tube tutorial, but couldn't see clearly what the guy was using, he went too quickly and his English was hard to understand. I know there has to be a simple answer out there somewhere!