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    Playback Control Issues

      I'm a beginner user of Captivate 2.

      I've created a 20 slide Captivate movie. Initially, the movie was over 100 slides long and I had issues running it on various computers. So, after reading through various postings, I decided to create a master file for my demo, in which I inserted a new "chapter" (swf) file per slide. Now the demo is running quite smoothly. The problem I'm having is with the playback controls in the master file. The Play/Pause button and the progress bar works with the elements of the master file, however these buttons are not controlling the chapter animations. So if the user is watching my demo and wants to pause on one screencap, they are not able to - everything stops but the animation. The animation either keeps on playing or goes to a white screen and freezes up??

      If anyone can help me with this, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
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          Hal_2001 Level 1
          To accomplish it easiest, use Captivate 1, not CP2. CP1 more easily accommodates a Captivate movie-in-a-movie without problems. CP2 is - in my opinion - handicapped in this regard by the "skin" which requires a separate output file (if borders are selected).

          To do it in CP2, open the movie to be inserted, and go to Project - Skins - Border (tab) and de-select "Include Borders". That will allow you to control the inserted movie from its own playbar, and the "main" movie from its own playbar ... which is the only way to make this work in the current iteration of Captivate.

          Good luck!