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    Is Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015 a BETA?

    lcg_2012 Level 1

      Buggy is an understatement.


      I am on 12-core Mac with 32GB of RAM running OS 10.10.4. I am using Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015.0 Release.


      Here is what I have encountered with this "release":


      1) Preview in browser does not animate, stuck on first frame.


      2) Recreated the banner ad that was stuck on the first frame from scratch and hit Preview in browser. It now animates.


      3) Text changes sizes and weights when editing. If you delete text(Google Font: Lato) you have to constantly enter the correct weight and size or it will default to another size and weight.


      4) After recreating the banner, having it animate. I continued animating down the timeline. I was DONE, or close to it. I hit Preview in browser. NOTHING. White screen.


      My animation is not that complicated. I have lines of text flying in. They are scaled 250%, opacity is 0 and they are offset. They tween to 100%, opacity 100%. If I move the playhead in the authoring environment, all is well. When I hit preview in browser. NOTHING. Just a white screen.


      Hours of work down the toilet. I hesitate rebuilding in fear that it will happen again.

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          lcg_2012 Level 1

          I have discovered that it is only a white screen in Safari. It is working with Chrome and Firefox. I emptied the cache in Safari and restarted the app, still white.

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            lcg_2012 Level 1

            My banner doesn't show in IE10 either. Also, and most notably. I got a message while in Edge that file outside of Edge had changed. Do I want to reload the composition? Yes.


            Now I cannot open my animation in Edge. "Loading failed. Please check your page for JavaScript errors."

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              resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You probably need to open the action file and comment out your last code.

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                lcg_2012 Level 1

                Nope corrupted.


                This morning I decided to try anew. Had a night's sleep which washed away all the anger and frustration from yesterday. Instead of gradients in divs, I imported them as 1px tall graphics. Got my banner all setup with the static stuff. Then proceeded to animate. When I hit Preview in Browser it worked in Safari. So I kept going. Hit Preview in Browser again, now a WHITE SCREEN. No banner. So I tried clicking "Revert" to go to the last saved version. And now, once again, this hunk of utter crap called Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015 gives me a "Loading Failed, please check your page for JavaScript errors".


                I am using this so called "software" because I don't know Javascript. So I can no more detect a JS error than I can dance the macerana.


                So, I am done. I tried, I really did. But after you build the same banner THREE times from scratch only for this utterly BARELY BETA software to corrupt your work and make it unusable, you realize the futility that is Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015.

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                  lcg_2012 Level 1

                  I just went into edge.js and deleted all the code I could find that pertained to the animating of the text. I am able to get my document open now. I will take a lunch break. Clear my head. Then proceed VERY slowly. Saving OFTEN and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't crap out again.

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                    lcg_2012 Level 1

                    I am now animating one line of text, testing, saving. Animating another line of text, testing, saving. All because I do not trust this software at all. Not the most efficient method, but so far it is working. We'll see how long it takes to crap out again.