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    opening microsoft office documents from link in flash site

      I have created a flash site, (its an internal site so nobody outside the network will be able to access it) and I have numerous documents linked in it. The documents all reside on the same server as the flash website. When I click on the link to open a microsoft office file (I have .doc, .xls, and .ppt on there) IE gives this error: Action canceled
      Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable.
      I have tried adding the domain to trusted sites under tools->options, but that doesn't seem to work. After I get the Action canceled error, if i hit enter or click the Go button next to the address line, it will then go on and open the file. There is some kind of communication error I can't figure out. The odd thing is that .pdf files are not affected. They opened just fine from the get-go. Only Office files. Is there a line of actionscript that needs to be in there? Or a setting in IE that I am not thinking of? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks