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    FLV Control Button

      Hey guys, I haven't been using flash as much. Can someone please guide me on controlling an FLV Movie.

      I imported a FLV movie into my fla file, and i have it on frame one and it plays right on through.

      The parameters are set to auto play, auto rewind but it stops at the end. I wanted to import an image so that at the end of the FLV clip it will show that image and they can click on it and it will replay the FLV clip all over again. So it will loop in that order.

      What action scripting do i need. I am so lost. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in Advance!
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          arunbe Level 1

          If You are using a the component for playing flv , you can use the control buttons.
          Hope you are using like movieclip, in this case you can treat them as a normal movieclip only. Its all are imported in the frames only.....