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    Lightroom mobile sync broken -> possible solution


      There's a number of threads here with people finding that LR mobile sync has stopped working.  It happened to me too but I just got it working again, so see if these steps fix it for you.



      • On Windows (so this isn't the known OSX 10.10 bug)
      • mobile sync was previously working
      • After restoring the LR database (I made some accidental changes I wanted to revert) the sync stopped working
      • The images on my mobile weren't in sync with LR. It seemed to get stuck syncing one of the collections
      • After trying various things to fix (like deleting the mobile data in preferences) then the sync icons disappeared from the collections too


      The fix:

      • Pause syncing by clicking on the LR banner/'identity plate' and pressing pause on the dropdown menu
      • Restart LR
      • At this point I at least got the sync icons back on the collections, however they still weren't syncing with mobile
      • I then deleted the old synced collections and created a new one
      • Woo! It started working


      I suspect that the sync was aborting or timing out when trying to sync the previous folders, and deleting them let it continue.