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    No robohelp html x5.0.2 cli

      I just finished installing this on our build machine only to discover that there is, apparently, no command line interface that I can use in my build scripts to automatically convert robohelp input files to html files.

      I've searched and searched and it appears there is no documented way to do it professionally with this product. So, can someone tell me which product I should have purchased? At this point, I'm happy to consider any product that will take robohelp x5 input files and product html, even if it means migrating the data to some other format.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          You might be better off asking on a general forum such as HATT. This is a bit like walking into your Ford dealer and asking him to recommend another make of car!

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            jlholt Level 1

            That would be true if I asked "whose product should I be using". But I said "which product should I be using" which leaves the door open for the current vendor to offer other products. After all, the support site here has apparently received lots of "requests" for this feature. I just assumed that the vendor would eventually respond with "We're happy to announce...".

            I'm not just going to consider the current investment (even if it is relatively small) to be a loss when it's so easy to just ask the question.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              RoboHelp is the only tool that Adobe offer to produce CHM help files. There's a new version on the way. The features are not announced and there is no firm date.

              Unless you have to compile very frequently, it might be worthing holding on and living with the manual compile.