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    spot removal tool on edge of merged panorama

    jackfrombc Level 1

      Using LR6 to create a DNG merged file from several JPGs that were shot handheld  I've taken the cropped resultant DNG and expanded the crop area somewhat so there are blank areas at the top and bottom of the photo (inexact matching of original photos, and I want to include parts of all those originals). Trying to fill those blank areas using the Spot Removal tool. It works as expected in the interior of the photo, but if the target area includes any of the blank region, it does not "copy" any of the source pixels. It stops exactly at the edge of the original photos, and refuses to fill into the blank area of the merged photo. Workaround was to export/import a JPG file and edit that file. Anybody else seen this behaviour? Seems like a bug to me.