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    Bridge->ACR->Save Image...


      in the following scenario

      Bridge->ACR->Save Image...
      i used to get options to resize while saving as .jpg file

      the resize was w.r.t. %, width etc. suddenly these options have stopped appearing and i can only mention the quality of .jpg.

      am i just day dreaming about these options ? or do these options pop up in some different workflow ? i certainly remember selecting over 100 Edited RAW files in Bridge, hitting Ctrl+R, selecting all and saving them as jpeg with quality 10 & 40% width


      i don't think my ACR has got updated. im still on

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          Yammer Level 4

          I can't swear to it, but I think you may be dreaming. To set the size/profile/sharpness of ACR saves, you change the workflow options first. At least you do now. I think it was always this way, but my memory isn't great these days.

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            R_Kelly Adobe Community Professional

            Which operating system are you using?


            Did you recently update to photoshop cc 2015?


            In photoshop or bridge go to Help>Updates and see if camera raw gets updated to version 9.1



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              Screech9785 Level 1

              R_Kelly- My problem got solved when i updated My AAM and installed a standalone update for ACR. i had not updated Photoshop. it is version 14.0

              from your screen shot- My options stopped after Format option. i could not get Color Space, Image Sizing and Output Sharpening.

              Thank you, since i actually bothered to update ACR, after you asked me whether i had Updated Photoshop !