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    Time Remap with regular speed intervals

    dummergold Level 4

      Using After Effects 2015.0 with Windows 7.



      Is there a way that I can apply regular speed in-between keyframes during time remapping?


      I have taken many layers with a baseline audio, pre-composed all 44 layers including audio, turned on Time Remap, started adding keyframes.


      It does not seem to matter if I add keyframes and edit in the Graph Editor or timeline, my baseline 1 second/ 1 second will drift down.


      In the graph editor keyframes I work bezier handles to try to maintain a 'regular speed' at certain intervals. As I near the end of the timeline, the bezier becomes over-powering.


      Adding keyframes directly to the timeline gives me linear keyframes, but after each set of keyframes, my baseline 1 second/ 1 second keeps drifting down, just like adding keyframes in the graph editor.


      I have tried Keyframe Velocity adjustments a couple different ways, just setting the 1 second/ 1 second.


      I am starting with a Premiere Pro sequence and 'Replace With After Effects Composition'. I am having no problems with rendering out of After Effects. I am having no problems with saving the After Effects Comp, having the comp appear in Premiere, letting it update and rendering out of Premiere.


      The problem I am having is working with Time Remap in After Effects and trying to speed up portions and return to regular speed. My baseline regular speed drifts down to slower speed.


      What I think I should be achieving is removing the bezier handle on my last keyframe. I would like to be able to add linear keyframes by default, which seems to be the method when I add to the timeline. I have converted Keyframe Interpolation from Current Settings to Linear, but feel I need to have linear in original keyframe postions.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Let's say that you have a 10 second clip and you want the original video to play at normal speed from 0 to the first second, then from the 4th second to the 5th second, then from the 8th to 10th second. Here's how you do that. When you enable time time remapping you get a keyframe at 0 and 10. You add a keyframe at 1, 4, 5, and 8 seconds. After making sure that your composition is long enough to handle the additional time you need you drag around the keyframe at 4 seconds to the keyframe at 10 seconds selecting all except the keyframe at 0 and 1. You then drag all the keyframes to the right to slow down the video between the second keyframe and the third. Increasing the distance between keyframes slows the video down, decreasing the distance between the keyframes speeds up the video. Now you deselect the next two keyframes, which should have a value of 4 and 5 seconds and grab the last two keyframes and drag them to the right slowing down the video between the original keyframes at 5 and 8 seconds. As long as the distance between the keyframes remains the same as it was originally the video will play at normal speed. When you open the graph editor and check you'll see the speed changes. You can add bezier curves to ramp in and out of the speed changes there. It's all pretty easy once you get the idea that the distance between the original keyframes is what controls the speed of the playback. The last step is to reset the out point of the layer so you can see the entire video.

          Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 6.49.53 AM.png 

          In this example the slope between the first and second keyframes is normal time, then the video gradually slows down because of the curve I added to the third keyframe until it almost stops then the slope between the third and fourth keyframe is constant and the same as it is between keyframe 1 and 2. The distance between the third and 4th keyframes is 1 second as it was originally so the speed in normal.


          Hope you followed that...

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            dummergold Level 4

            Thanks Rick. I see all that, I will absorb it in about 10 hours while sitting at my machine. I am not slowing anything down to increase the comp, speeding up clips. I have that ramp graph, and I use the horizontal graph displayed at the same time. If my clip is 6 minutes and apply many keyframes of speeding up and many keyframes of 1/1 speed, the horizontal graph continues to lower my 'wanted' 1/1 speed, so that my wanted regular speed begins to slow more and more towards the end of the horizontal line graph.


            Thanks, I will be able to look into your help later.

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              dummergold Level 4

              That helped me get back on track. As the timeline grew and more keyframes were added, it became difficult to select all the keyframes, so I was adding and adjusting as I went. So, with the last keyframe not selected at the end of the clip, it was slowing down the sections I thought I was keeping 1/1.


              So, keywords for me were to select all keyframes except


              Now I have been successful at adding over 30 keyframes, speed-up, regular speed, speed-up, regular speed and repeat, but I did have difficulty with some adjustments and likely due to the media involved.


              Also, it seemed easier to work with linear keyframes, but they always changed to bezier and I would change them back. With the linear I could see clearly what was going on in the speed graph along side the reference graph and felt I could adjust to suit after the original time remapping edit.


              I will be working on this.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you are having trouble with all of these changes in a long clip it's very easy to split your clip up and just work on one section at a time. Split the clip before you apply Time Remapping then adjust each section as needed.

                Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 5.24.58 AM.png

                The same clip split (Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + D) at even intervals then time remapping applied to the even numbered layers and speed changed and layers moved using snapping to keyframes. Now each time remapped section can be easily adjusted to ramp up or down the speed change. Much easier than trying to do it all on one layer.

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                  dummergold Level 4

                  Nice. I am willing to attempt that.

                  My thoughts as to doing all on one layer (as in pre-composing all layers) was that although I had many video clips, I had one audio and I wanted the time remapping to also include the audio.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Audio will respect the in and out points of the layers so there's no difference in what will be happening when you render.

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                      dummergold Level 4

                      Perfect, I like it and will use your advice. I am at the stage of 'pulling out my handles' of the linear keyframes, to increase the influence percentages. Going back to my original composition layers will give me a better base to work with.