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    Camera calibration profiles for Leica M-P in Lightroom


      Typically there are Camera Calibration Profiles for digital cameras in Development module of Lightroom. I couldn’t find such Profits  for my Leica M-P which i bought this month. Why?


      I know there are four Film Modes for Leica M-P:


      1. Off (it should be Standard)

      2. Vivid color film

      3. Smooth color film

      4. B&W, and for which, there are six Filters:

        a. Off (it should be Standard B&W)

        b. Yellow

        c. Orange

        d. Red

        e. Green

        f. Blue


      Leica M-P delivers very beautiful images for each Film Mode above when I shoot with jpg file. Lightroom is my favorite software. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Camera Calibration Profiles for Leica M-P when I choose DNG for shooting. that means I couldn’t use DNG and get the same results as I shoot with jpg. It is really frustrating!


      Could you tell me how to solve this problem? Please don’t tell me to create them myself by using Adobe’s DNG Profile Editor, or, to find them thru some web sites.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          To my knowledge, old Leica user from M3 in 1972 to M8s in 2007, The M-P is just a Leica M Type 240 with some extra features/design/style.

          So there probably won't be any specific Camera Profiles for the M-P. The M-P uses the same exact sensor and electronics as the Type 240.


          But then there may of been a M9 M-P. Not sure. There should be some more model designation other than just M-P.


          You may want to post this question over on the L-Camera forums which deals with Leica exclusively.


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