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    Flash CC Pro, selection tool problems.


      I have a problem with the selection tool on Flash Pro CC. I used to be able to use it to select an outline, like the outline of a circle drawn with the oval tool. I would use the selection tool to click on the outline of the circle and it would highlight the outline, then I would be able to delete that outline on the circle. Now when I use the selection tool it doesnt highlight the outline, it just puts a square around it, and I cannot delete the outline, on anything, it just wont select a line at all. Most likely a setting but I am stumped how to fix it. Ive had issues with flash pro CC crashing and having to reinstall it. I am paying the monthly fee to use it through adobe. I am not using the trial version. I really need some help on this and any help will be greatly appreciated.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For the object you are trying to select, select it and choose Modify -> Ungroup and see if that changes it to be the way you expect. If that works then it is likely that you are in the Object Drawing mode when you draw the shape.  To get out of it, with the drawing tool selected, look for the small icon in the tools menu that is a circle with a square surrounding it and deselect it.

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