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    proper way to handle re-sizing / zoom

    ryan_pu Level 1

      My test project I am making is to teach young people how to read a map and I am attempting to make it somewhat animated and engaging. What I am currently doing is starting out with a map on a table that zooms in to a size that is readable. The problems that I have run into are:


      In order to have the full map on the table and also zoom in close enough to read, the image is around 4k px and over 12mb. Is there a way of doing level of detail or some other best practice for this. I would prefer the whole map be usable for the lesson but if necessary, I could limit myself to what fits on the screen. I think I may be delving into google maps type responsive loading which may be beyond the scope of this software test.


      The second is, when I set the project to the ipad3 native resolution 2048*1536 and use it on a desktop set to 1924*768 the draggable object moves at an exponentially faster rate than the courser. My guess would be about 4x faster. How do you normally handle interactivity on multiple devices?