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    Stop all Audio?

    jhochweber Level 1


      I am working on a webpage for Music Theory.

      There I have many buttons that should play different chords or scales.

      Is there an easy way to stop any other sounds on the page when I click on a button?


      I know, in the action panelI I could add some code to every button like:


      sym.$("sound_1")[0].currentTime = 0;



      sym.$("sound_2")[0].currentTime = 0;


      . . .

      . . .

      and so on, until sound_x and then let play the actual  sound.


      But this is very tedious. Isn't there a command to just stop all sounds?

      ("Mute All Audio" doesn't help, it just mutes all Audio at the current position)


      Jürg Hochweber

      (Composer of Guitar Music)