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    XML and Combo Boxes

    Dave.Hollings Level 1
      Can anyone help me understand how to set an XML sheet up with say 3 car makes (Audi, Volkswagen and Ford) and with the ActionScript needed so Flash pulls in the data and loads it into a Combo Box on my stage. I have tried using the XML connector component in Flash 8 however only seems to work on frame 1 of the maintime line. I have a contacts pages with 3 combo boxes.

      The idea is the first combo box will have car makes in it.
      The second combo will load in all models based on the first user selection
      And finally the third combo box will load in all the types based on the second user selection.

      I am really struggerling with getting the XML produced as not sure if I need mutliple XML sheets or if I can do this with just one. Then getting Flash to pull in the correct data is another task I have been trying to get my head round. I have worked out how to populate a text field with XML data but not a combo box.

      Any help would be gratefully received. - TIA...