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    Web gallery with filename under thumbnail- suggestions?

    ExedyUSA Level 2

      I'm trying to create web galleries to visually catalog an ftp download folder and have run into a problem with Lightroom/Bridge (latest CC versions, Win 7.)


      I need an HTML gallery (no Flash) with a plain grid layout (white preferred), a header graphic, thumbnails, and the filename MUST be listed along with the thumbnail. I don't even need image detail pages, JUST thumbnail galleries would be fine. These gallery pages will be updated frequently- I'll probably have a handful of changed pages every week. The ftp folder has about 5000 images so I'm looking at 100-200 thumbnail pages right now, and will be adding more images every week.


      Bridge will insert the filename as a caption for the thumbnail (using the HTML Gallery setting) but is not as flexible as Lightroom with layout and options, and I can't specify a header graphic. Lightroom looks like it does everything I need EXCEPT allow adding a caption to the thumbnail page. I've added several third-party templates but I can't find an option anywhere for a filename caption. I'd also like to skip the detail pages and JUST have thumbnail galleries, with no links (I don't need a single <a> tag.)


      I thought about batch-editing the CSS and HTML files but I'm using Notepad++ as my text editor which doesn't support multi-line/multi-file replace very well, and there will be way too many files to alter individually. I really don't have the time to write a script to automate the changes I'd want. I'm also a Mac user and not that familiar with Windows software choices.


      So- questions:


      Is there a way to use Lightroom CC 2015 to add a filename caption to thumbnail gallery pages?


      Can Bridge CC web templates be changed or custom templates added?


      Can generation of detail pages be turned off so I get JUST thumbnail gallery pages with no links?


      Does anyone have any suggestions for making this work?