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    invisible panels

      i've got few panels on a panel container, every time just one of them is visible ... but still i am getting a horizontal and vertical scrollers, is there any way to avoid these scrollers creation ?? i mean that the scrollers appearence will be base on what actually is visible??

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          Josh Johnson
          If you're getting unexpected scrolling, this is usually due to a missing height or width attribute. Best way to check is to recreate a simplified version of the layout adding items one at a time to make sure you don't see the scrolling. If that doesn't work, please post the simplified code, so we can take a look.
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            Hi Jaimon,

            You SHOULD do the Josh recommendations but you can always force to hide the scroller's (if that is really what you want) by this proprieties:

            horizontalScrollPolicy="off" verticalScrollPolicy="off"

            Core, Regards