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    Lightoom CC lock-ups after AMD 15.7 Driver update & can't disable GPU support

    Dave Mayfield

      AMD recently updated their video driver in preparation for the Windows 10 release.  The AMD release number is 15.7. I upgraded my system to this new driver and found that Lightroom CC quits responding when I try to use it.  The program starts normally and I can use the Library module but, when I switch to the Develop module and attempt to make adjustments, the program hangs up. 


      I immediately suspected the video driver as this was the only change that I had made and I was aware that the the latest version of Lightroom CC has started to utilize the GPU.  Therefore, as a test to reduce the number of variables as I attempted to troubleshoot the problem, I went into the Lightroom Preferences and attempted to uncheck the "Use Graphics Processor" check box.  But, as soon as I clicked on the check box, Lightroom would freeze.  I tried this several times and even did a system reboot but I couldn't disable the use of the GPU. 


      I then decided to see if I could identify where the "Use GPU" parameter was stored and found a web post that identified that the parameter is stored in the Lightroom preferences file.  I rebooted the computer to remove the Lightroom preferences file from system memory, opened the file ina text editor and set the "Autobahn" variable to false and then re-saved the file.  Following this change, Lightroom no longer hangs.


      My reason for mentioning all of this is to make the point that AMD has released a new driver that fully supports Windows 10.  Therefore, I am concerned that others will update to this driver in preparation for the upcoming Windows 10 release  and face the same lockup issues.  Also, at least on my system, I couldn't turn off GPU support from within Lightroom but had to edit the preferences file.


      This could become a thorny issue for the Adobe support people if others, like myself, can't disable gpu support from within Lightroom.  Therefore I wanted to point this out.


      My system is a Windows 7 PC, with an i7-3770 processor, 16GB or ram and an AMD 7800 GPU.


      Dave Mayfield