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    DropDown AutoFill Multiple Rows question


      Related to Time Sheets.


      How do I create a DropDown box to auto fill multiple rows with different data?


      For example, the second half of the month of July has days of the 16th through the 31st. What I want to be able to do is from the DropDown box, select up to five options, one being "16-31" and then have it auto fill DateRows1 through 16 respetfully. My end result would have DateRow1 value as "16", DateRow2 value as "17", DateRow3 value as "18" etc.


      Dropdown box fill in for dates (5 options):

      1-15  (Would populate DateRows1 through 15)

      16-28 (" " DateRows1 through 13)

      16-29 (" " DateRows1 through 14)

      16-30 (" " DateRows1 through 15)

      16-31 (" " DateRows1 through 16)

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You'll need to use the custom validation (or keystroke) event of the field, read in the selected value, split it to two parts so you have the first and last numbers, and then use a loop to iterate over the DateRows-fields and populate them with those values. You also need to make sure you first reset all of the DateRows-fields, to clear any unwanted values.