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    Bring BACK keystroke access for code collapse!!!

    Steve L Level 1

      I can't understand Adobe's habit of taking away features in order to "improve" workflow. I especially do not understand removing keystroke access to a feature on which you invested new development. I am speaking of the keystroke to collapse a block of code. In my case XML nodes. So there used to be a keystroke I could assign a collapse command to and now it is gone. There used to be a button on the tool bar that would collapse the node/block on which I was currently working. It is now gone as well. Instead there is a little spinning triangle that performs the same action, only now, I have to stop typing, hover over the unmarked left side area, (so unless I know it is there it is not apparent at first glance), I have to WAIT as it fades in and then click, all to perform the same action that I used to do with one keystroke combo in less than a second.


      While I am on a roll - I will also call into question the decision to remove all but the keystroke access to in the code collapse section other than "Expand All"  so again ... A folder in the keystroke access section named "Code COLLAPSE" and it only has one item in it and it is named "EXPAND All"!?!?!?



      Bring back the above mentioned access
      Implement code collapse keystokes for:

      All nodes on same level

      All others on same level

      Collapse parent

      All functions

      All other functions