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    Import .eps file script?


      Hi all,


      I am using InDesign CS6 and need help with a script (JavaScript) 


      I'm doing the exact same thing as this previous discussion below, Exporting MathType equations from Word as EPS files and then trying to place them into my indesign file.


      Batch importing eps equations into Indesign


      Since this discussion, is there a better script or method to import .eps files? (see screenshot below)


      I placed my Word file into InDesign. What I think this script is supposed to do is replace all the @Equ021.eps@ file names with those images in the file path on line 23.


      Below is the script I am using and apparently all I needed to do was save my script after I entered the path name on line 23. (The person who gave me this no longer works with me so I am on my own)

      When I try to save, I receive the error:


      I'm very new to scripting so what does this error below mean, and what do I need to do to fix it?



      Thanks for any help! I have thousands of these equations and would hate to import them one by one.

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          Vel Prakash Level 1

          Hi Colleen,


          Please change the target to 'Adobe Indesign CS6' while debugging your script manually or add the below line in top of your script.


          #target indesign


          OR Else, it may be error due to saving the file in appropriate location due to access issue. If so, then try placing the script somewhere and try it.


          If it doesn't solve your issue, let me know the error it throws.




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            colleenr79979946 Level 1

            Thanks so much Vel!


            It was that target issue and I also forgot a / at the very end of my folder location I was importing from.


            Baby steps. I'm learning. But it imported all my .eps files for me in the right places in my file. So glad I didn't have to do each one by one