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    Create a kind of holographic glassy rotating cube effect

    Oaneyl Level 1

      Hello everyone,


        Do you know how I could create an effect like that in AE?

      Futuristic Display - After Effects Project Files | VideoHive


        I love the effect, but since it doesn't perfectly correspond to the effect I want to get, I won't purchase it. I love the kind of HUD on the floor, but basically the effect which seems the most difficult to me is: How can I create a kind of glassy cube on AE (which appears a bit like an hologramm), with a sort of "light" blinking on it? I don't know if it's clear but actually, I'd like the same effect as the one in the video, but the cube in the project is too small for me, I need to create a bigger one, this is the main reason why I don't want to purchase this template. So, how can I create a similar stuff? Does it need any plug-in or softwares ? (C4D, Red Giant's or Videocopilot's plugs-in and so on.)


         Thank you in advance.